The St. John TUMOR Registry provides medical experts information on cancer diagnosEs and treatmentS.

The St. John Tumor Registry monitors all types of cancers diagnosed and/or treated at St. John Health System. Information is compiled in a database developed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and helps register patients for approved clinical trials. St. John's tumor registry is the oldest approved program in Oklahoma.

Tumor registries were established to improve cancer therapy through the collection of detailed data about diagnoses and therapies. Improvements in cancer therapy are achieved by:

  • Comparison of therapies: Registries can determine what therapy worked best for certain types of patients.
  • Support of treatment: Registries can improve patient information and help provide the best treatment possible.

Through the Tumor Registry, St. John participates in national studies on cancer trends. NCI tracks cancer incidence rates and outcomes across the U.S. Aggregate data about specific diagnoses is available for physician-directed research. Patient privacy is protected.

A letter including a Tumor Registry form is mailed to St. John cancer patients annually. The electronic form below may used as an alternative way of submitting information:

Tumor Follow-Up Form

It is the goal of cancer registries to follow patients throughout their lifetimes, but once a patient completes his or her treatment, getting this information can become difficult. If you were diagnosed at St. John with a benign or malignant tumor, please answer the questions below to help us collect valuable information.

  1. Have you been free of cancer for the last 12 months?
  2. Have you been treated for cancer in the last 12 months?
  3. Please feel free to communicate any other pertinent information in the box below.

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